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Nickname : mabsire
Type de structure : travailleur occasionnel
Date inscription : 26/08/2014
Dernière fois en ligne : 29/01/2019
Classement : classé 12 396ème sur 51 221 prestataires classés

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Pack Adobe , paxk Microsoft office
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 My goal is to enhance my career in through an international work experience in Marketing, Business, Communication, and event coordination.

I have both the education and specific experience to successfully carry out this project. I have obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and tourism engineering in NEOMA and I am currently finishing my joint Master's Degree at Mode ESTAH with a Marketing and Luxury Major.

My experience as a marketing assistant and analyst in the development of artistic

creations has given me countless opportunities to introduce new ideas and to improve the

quality of the work.  I was used to comply with flexible working hours and team effectively with others, developing positive relationship with guests and staff members and to reach the goals set by Director or managers.

I have gained professional experience in project management, cross-cultural teamwork

and solving issues in a creative way during my various internships. I believe that my talent lies in coming up with creative and innovative ideas in a business setting.

During my master’s degree, I have developed a great capacity of adaptation and resourcefulness, as well as an ability to appreciate intercultural-experience and cultural barriers. In addition, through recent coursework in Marketing and Management & Strategy,

I have acquired additional skills in branding , event coordination in Roland Garros, Management, conducting brand creation business simulations and working with many marketing analysis tools.

I know these skills will make me a valuable asset and am always willing to gain further experience in development work. I am confident that my skills, experience and work ethic will correspond to your criteria so we can work together .




Fashion Business Shcool Master 2

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 Titre : HB
 Description : Graphisme sur toile et illustrator
 Type projet : logo
 Thème projet : graphisme
 Durée : quelques heures
 Date : 16/04/2016

Graphisme sur toile et illustrator

 Titre : MA
 Description : Illustrator & Photoshop
 Type projet : identité visuelle
 Thème projet : communication
 Durée : quelques heures
 Date : 23/02/2016

Illustrator & Photoshop

 Titre : Initial Letter font
 Description :
 Type projet : logo
 Thème projet : graphisme
 Durée : 1 jour
 Budget : 200 €
 Date : 19/09/2018

 Titre : Loup Indien
 Description :
 Type projet : logo
 Thème projet : animaux
 Durée : 1 semaine
 Date : 19/09/2018

 Titre : Flake fashion
 Description : Marque mode d'écharpe pour Homme et Femme
 Type projet : logo
 Thème projet : mode, art & photographie, architecture, militaire, petit budget, page personnelle, voyage, plus populaire
 Durée : 1 heure
 Budget : 300 €
 Date : 19/09/2018

Marque mode d'écharpe pour Homme et Femme

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