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Nickname : anwardawadi
Type de structure : travailleur occasionnel
Date inscription : 22/06/2011
Dernière fois en ligne : 10/08/2017
Classement : classé 26 159ème sur 52 767 prestataires classés

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Domaines de compétence

Etude, conception et méthode :

ü  Structural engineering :

o   Conception et calcul des ouvrages métalliques type résidentiel, industriel et mécaniques.

o   Conception des équipements de levage et de transport des ouvrages pétrolier.

o    DAO structure métallique : Mise en plan (Tekla/Autocad).

o    DAO génie civil :  Mise en plan (Coffrage ferraillage avec Autocad).


ü  Method Engineering:

o    Méthode de Fabrication & production Pipe, structure et chaudronnerie.

o     Méthode de levage et de transport conformément aux spécifications TOTAL, Eni et Saipem.

o    Illustration technique 2D/ 3D structure et séquence : (Autocad 3d & Inventor)

ü  Mission de terrain :

o    Supervision des fournitures et des installations.

o    Contrôle qualité.

o    Assistance montage et mise en place.


o    Pétrochimie, énergie

o    Cimenterie

o    Infrastructure et bâtiment.  


o    Industrie chimique 

Expérience professionnelle

2015-2016       Self Employed                                Tunis, Tunisia

Freelance Method and Structural Engineer

§  Design of a flexible building for temporary factory with an 3450m ² of surface

§  Design of  a 32 ton Bridge crane way.

§  Design of an  Agricultural Hangar.

Feb. 2014- Jul 2015                                           Saipem-Boscongo            Pointe Noire, Congo

Offshore Method Engineer


§  TOTAL -  MOHONORD project: Design of lifting tools and transportaio aids

§  Eni Congo Litchendjili Jacket, inner and other pile: Design of lifting tools and transportation aids

§  Boscocongo Yard: realized a study for renewing a heavy welding libe, design of a bridge crane rail path and prepared a technical offer for project NENE

Oct. 2013- Feb. 2014                                                 MedServices           Tunis, Tunisia

Design Engineer, Technical Coordinator and Tekla Group Chief


§  RENCO: Pipe rack integration to Djeno

§  TOTAL: Building of several floors, gateway and piping supports in Terminal Djeno

§  Valence Nuclear Station: Locksmithing Project

§  La Rose Des Vents: Agricultural Warehouse project

§  French Ministry of Education: Elaboration of Plans and details for a Restaurant roof in a training center project


Jul. 2009-Oct. 2013                                             TES Engineering            Tunis, Tunisia

Design Engineer

§  Tunisian Ministry of Transportation: Expansion/construction of a maintainance workshop for TRANSTU an Interurban transport company.

§  Tunisia Mall: Construction of a leisure center in the city of Ariana including an ice rink

§  Gabes Cements/FLS MIDETHDENMARK: Construction of a cooler

§  Tunisia Chemical Group: Storage of Solid Sulfur – Structure and power, Storage Hall, conveyor, hoppers

§  Gabes Cements: Steel Structure, Mechanical and civil engineering for a Bulk cement treatment center

§  SONATRACH Algeria: Study for a storage binns watering system, GNL of complex GLIZ including steel structure, pipes and civil engineering

§  Algerian Ministry of Spatial Drawing and Environment DYWIDAG: Industrial Pollution Control project in Tebessa, Algeria

§  STEG, Tunisian Gas and Electricity company: Submarine Systems of transportation and distribution of natural gas in Tunisia

§  Cablet El Djazair, Algeria: construction of a high voltage electrical cables manufacturing company- Steel structures and civil engineering

2005-2009       SEMI                                               Gabes, Tunisia

Design Engineer

§  Fluor Chemical Industry: Lime and water loading prject: study of piping and dust degassing.

§  Fluor Chemical Industry: Updating the factory’s plans.

§  Fluor Chemical Industry: Anhydrite Storage Hangar.

§  Tunisian Chemical Group: Diagnosis of potable and industrial water systems.

§  CHABANNE Marbury: Construction of a second line of production

§  SOMATI: Design of a Bridge crane.

2003-2004       General Mechanical Assistance Gabes, Tunisia

Design Engineer

§  Tunisian Ministry of equipment:Project: design and study for the construction of a Three-dimensional structure of Kasserine ISET

§  Society Gabes cements /RBL-REI France  : study for the construction of petcock

§  Tunisian Chemical Group/SATAREM : design and study for the construction of various mechanical equipment, mechanically welded sheet Steel and several Steel structures.

2002-2003       MIG Mediterranean Industrial Group Sfax, Tunisia

Design Engineer

§  Jbel Oust Company (CJO) / Polysius : Study construction of a second line

§  Cements Company of Enfidha / Polysius : Study construction of a second line

§  Societe des ciments de Gabès : design and study for the construction of  several Hoppers

Technical Skills


Fields of Competence

§  Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, energy

§  Cement factory

§  Building infrastructure

§  Chemical Industries

International Standards knowledge

Eurocode, CM66, ASD, AISC, Noble Denton

CAD and software simulation

§  Tekla Structure

§   Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis

§  SAP2000


Desktop Software

Microsoft Office, OpenOffice./Windows 7, 8 and 10



2002   Design Engineer


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