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Nickname : swilson
Type de structure : auto-entrepreneur
Date inscription : 14/10/2011
Dernière fois en ligne : 25/06/2015
Classement : classé 19 744ème sur 52 741 prestataires classés

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Domaines de compétence

infographisme web et print pour PC et Mac
QuarkXPress, Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, Dreamweaver, Flash CS4, Director, Premiere
PHP/Mysql, AS2, AS4, Lingo

Langues: Français, Anglais


Expérience professionnelle

Production Manager @ Wunderman, Young & Rubicam (WPP), Paris

I work with clients Microsoft and Nokia. I manage, supervise and support a team of six people. My work activities include the planning of workflows and schedules, organize brief team meetings, coordination and distribution of jobs internationally, calculating cost effective methods, design implementation of micro websites, email newsletters and printed materials (corporate brochures, magazines and publicity, etc.), I monitor the pre-production of print and web publications in accordance with clients needs and requirements, evaluate and document information on a database.


Senior Graphic Designer and Webmaster @ ATDI, Paris

My responsibilities included the creation, development and production of websites, CD Roms and printed publications such as corporate brochures, packaging and promotional materials. I developed a marketing strategy to promote the company's services and wrote and implemented the design of the corporate newsletters which I distributed to over 3000 potential clients per month. I administered nine websites worldwide including the client SQL database and back office of those websites. I created a wiki and content management system for the company which allowed the nine agencies worldwide to communicate through one portail. I built ten CD Rom software packages for the release of their new softwares.


Design Consultant @ LIVID DESIGN, Angleterre

I set-up a design service specialising in print publishing, web development and multimedia production within the framework of best business practice and methods. I built a reputation based on good quality design and established a client base from SME's, charities and universities to international festivals and the music industry. During that time as client demands and workflows increased I employed 4 staff, coordinated and monitored jobs to meet challenging deadlines and motivated a small design team to drive the production of a wide range of print and web publications from newspapers, press kits, advertising mailers, flyers, posters, logos, conference and educational programmes, monthly festival guides, corporate magazines, websites, CD roms and email newsletters, etc...




Masters en Multimédia (Emerging technologies and pre-media production) 2006

Degree en Infographisme (Production Technology, Design & Typography) 1992

Web Design Diplome (Web Design and Digital Technologies) 2000

Business Planning & Marketing Diplome 2002

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 Titre : Brochure ...
 Description : Brochure
 Type projet : autre
 Thème projet : communication, culture, graphisme, livres/magazines
 Durée : 1 mois
 Budget : 5 000 €
 Date : 19/09/2018


 Titre : logo ...
 Description : logo
 Type projet : identité visuelle
 Thème projet : graphisme
 Durée : 1 jour
 Budget : 800 €
 Date : 19/09/2018


 Titre : Publicité ...
 Description : Publicité
 Type projet : affiche/flyer
 Thème projet : communication, culture, graphisme, média, musique
 Durée : 1 jour
 Budget : 800 €
 Date : 19/09/2018


 Titre : Créé des sites web ...
 Description : Créé des sites web
 Type projet : site internet
 Thème projet : communication, graphisme, internet, livres/magazines
 Durée : 7 jours
 Budget : 5 000 €
 Date : 19/09/2018

Créé des sites web

 Titre : Publicité ...
 Description : Publicité
 Type projet : autre
 Thème projet : graphisme, musique
 Durée : 1 jour
 Budget : 800 €
 Date : 12/10/2018


 Titre : ...
 Description :
 Type projet :
 Thème projet :
 Date : 19/09/2018

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