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Nickname : moicestjue
Type de structure : auto-entrepreneur
Date inscription : 14/06/2017
Dernière fois en ligne : 20/12/2017
Classement : classé 24 047ème sur 65 658 prestataires classés

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Julie is a very talented young professional doubled with a highly creative artist. We really enjoyed working with her here at PrintaBit. Her skill-set spans across an interestingly large range and always shows off very high quality.

We can trustfully count on are ability to deliver far beyond our expectations and appreciate her thoughtful respect of deadlines. You can feel she deeply knows what she is doing on an artistic ground, but she manages to always keep things very professional and straightforward.

I am very proud of the work we achieved together, and it has really benefited our business so far.

Always concerned about pushing her Creativity, curious about new technical tendences, Julie is a serious element who invests a lot of herself into a project.

Kind and always positive, she knows how to work with team even if the planning is tight.

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