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Nickname : bbk.hassan
Type de structure : SSII [?] Société de Services et d'Ingénierie Informatique
Date inscription : 22/06/2010
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Domaines de compétence


- Efficiency
- Deadlines respect
- Meet expectations
- Quality of service
- Analitycal spirit
- Good communicator


ERP: SAP Netweaver, FI-CO, SD-MM, PP, SEM-BCS. BI: SAP BW, Crystal reports, Business Object, BEX Query Designer, BEX Web application Designer, BEX Analyzer. Other: LAN/WAN, TCP/IP Model, C, C++, Java, Coldfusion, Php, ASP, HTML, Xml, Javascript.

Expérience professionnelle
July 2008 - Now: SAP FI-CO / BW, SEM-BCS/ (AXA Belgium). Functional Area : SAP FI, CO, MM,SD, QM – SAP BW / SEM-BCSVersions of SAP : 4.7 - SAP BI 7.0 / SEM-BCS
Mission Summary:
- Translate Business needs to functional and technical specifications.- Propose solutions in SAP according business belongings- Cost estimation of projects & demands.- Automate manual tasks to increase employer’s productivity
(Reports, automatic emails, vendor recalls, etc.)
- Reduce employer’s errors by implementing enhancements- Ensure SAP system audit- User training- Users SAP Support & problem solving- SAP maintenance - Develop complex program & reports - Project : IFRS & Impairment of intangible Assets (FI-CO & ABAP)Project purpose: § To capture project costs that can be capitalized for projects that would be selected for impairment;§ To create assets based on those project costs;§ To impair them monthly;§ To create reports.§ Activation of Internal Order Settlement (SAP CO)§ FI-AA &CO customizing § Creation of companies, chart of accounts, document numbering, document types, other customizing…§ Data migration: cost centers, orders, general accounts, assets.§ Development of Data migration programs. (Batch-input)§ Programs for: Assets Transactions.§ Implement Mirroring programs of all Belgian Gaap data to IFRS data (accounts, cost centers, orders, postings, etc.)§ DDIC Objects: tables, structures, transactions…§ Financials reports: interactive, spool, email, PDF, Excel format.§ Enhancement : User-exits, Business Add-ins (BADI), Business Transaction Events (BTE) - Project : SAP BW / SEM-BCSBCS is a functional module of SAP-SEM that contains tools and functions for business consolidation. At AXA, this package (SAP-SEM) is used with SAP Netweaver BI as technical foundation. § SAP BW: Design of new automated staging process in SAP BW based on a flat file extracted from other systems. The process agreed is: file è ODS staging area è InfoCube with some special rules, transformations, routines,etc. § SEM-BCS: Designing of new version of Consolidation with BE Gaap as accounting principles. (A new consolidation Area was required (because: new chart of account, breawdowns, new tasks), new version was created, (Document types, validations rules, eliminations I/U, Cons. of Investments,etc.)§ Design rules and method for data reception (naming convention, automatic transfers, jobs planning, tables updates, etc.)§ Implementation of solution based on automatic loading process.§ Currency Exchange rates.§ User Training in SAP BW (Technical)

- Project : SAP & Ariba Responsabilities: Analyse, support & supervision.
Project purpose:
§ Implementation of a new procurement tool.§ Replacement of SAP MM by Ariba§ Implementation of interfaces (master data, invoices, good receipt, etc.)§ IN /OUT interfaces.§ Adaptation of SAP screens, rules, user-exits, etc. - Project :Invoice & payment automation APM (FI-AR, AP, PT & Workflow ) § Management of project(planning, budget, development follow up)§ Analyze business needs§ Process design: invoice > approval > payment > printouts.§ Customizing: document types, rules, workflow approval, automatic payment, Account payable, Account receivable, General ledger.§ Development of invoicing solution for portfolio management and commission for contributors§ Development of new forms for invoices and debit notes with pdf & email.§ Smartforms had been used.§ User training FI, AP, AR, Payment. - SAP support § SAP SOX compliance (authorizations, process, security,etc.) § SAP MM : new release strategies for purchase orders§ SAP MM: implementation of vendor hierarchies + Abap programs behind§ SD-MM: New prices Schema, Access Sequence, condition tables, New price determination conditions, Tax, texts, etc…§ SAP Queries§ List, ALV Reports & interactif. FI-MM§ Business Transaction Events (BTE)§ Performing old programs, bugs fixing.§ Use of Generic Object Services (GOS) AND Business Document Service (BDS) for document storage: invoices, purchase order, etc.§ Improvement of response time’s programs§ Development of interfaces between sap and other systems§ Specifics Programs.§ Automatic emailing processes for payment with excel attachment.§ Enhancement : User-exits, Business Add-ins§ SAP Queries (SQ01)§ Smartforms, Sapscripts. FI-MM. Standard, Specifics Forms.§ Adobe Forms§ SAP WORKFLOW.
BAPI’s, Remote function modules
§ SAP BC follow up: Daily monitoring Jobs, Interfaces, database, memory,….§ BC- Authorisations FI – MM§ Customizing FI – MM§ SAP BW : Abap Program to trigger process chain, PSA Monitoring, SEM-BCS support.§ SAP BW, infoObjects (characterisics & key figures) hierarchies, infocubes,etc…, BEX ANALYZER , BEX QueryDesigner,.§ Training for new colleagues (BC400, SMARTFORMS, Overview FI-MM, BW architercture)
December 2006 - July 2008: SAP Expert Forms (Saint-Gobain). France-Côte d’Azur Functional Area : SAP FI, CO, MM, SD, QM, PPVersion of SAP : 4.5B, 4.6C, 4.7 - SmartForms(reports,Order,Invoice,Dunning ) MM-SD-FI-CO-PP-CA-PS- Migration Sapscript & optio to smartforms (4.6C) for Spain companies, Germany, United kingdom, China, India,Italia…- Data Migration (Batch-input)- Dictionnary: Tables, structures, search help, views,data element,…- User Exits, BADIs, ABAP OO.- Report painter (CO-PA planning-Budget )- Financial, CO Reports with SD links- SAP Queries SQ01- Upgrade of hot package. programs Adjustment (SPDD, SPAU)- OSS NOTES Application, messages, SSCR keys…- Complex Reports (ALV, ALV Object, interactive list…)- Sap script- Printers Administration, SPAD,Customizing devices ,types, character set- Optimization of specifics programs- Many specifics Programs MM-SD-FI-CO-PP-PS (ABAP)- Programs with Email sending, PDF conversion- Customizing Outputs messages, sequence, procedures,…- Managing new specifics development.- IDOC Maintenance of interface between two SAP Systems (orders,invoices,..) - Overview of SAP BW
August 2006- December2006:SAP Abap developer (Mairie de PARIS). (ECC 6.0)Functional Area : SAP FI, CO.- Development of IDOCS (FI/CO)- Data migration (lsmw, Bapi) (FI/CO)- Specific programs(FI/CO)- BAPI’s creating Business objects in FI-AA- Peer review of programs(FI/CO)- Writing technical specifications.- Maintenance of programs - Many other specific development FI-FM-CO
Marsh 2006 – August 2006: Abap developer (Saptec) (v4.7) - Development of new screens.- Development of new functionalities to maintain client contracts- Development of Batch input for the creation of customers.- New interface for managing dunning.- Development of customer search screen.- Development of new design of menu.
August 2005 – Marsh 2006: Abap developer (AMC Consulting). (v4.7)- Abap Workbench (Screens painter, Abap editor, Function Modules, Message classes, Abap Dictionary……) - Programs for Manipulation of database tables: (modify data,Delete, add, …)- Reporting.- Development of new screens.- Reporting , interactive reporting- Creation of new interfaces for billing.(smartforms)- Many other specific development Forms with: screen painter, smartforms, Sapscript …
July 2004 – July 2005 : Software engineer (in wafabank-western union Brussels). - Crystal report: statistics, diagram, products reporting, more… - php-mysq-js-asp-html :money transfer applications, statistics, Creation of barcodes, washing money control, timetable for Employers (holidays), more…- Java-javascript-php : project of electronic identity card.(EID)- C++: reader of electronics identities cards.(EID), updates remote database, transfer of data client to remote server (pictures, addresses, client number, other information) .- C++ : electronic signing with identity card.(EID)
February – June 2004 : Analyst programmer ( wafabank-western union Brussels).training course of end of studies

Academic experience:

2010 : Dimension , Quality center

2010 : Accountant principles, General Ledger, Account payable, Account receivable.

2009 : ARIS

2009 : SAP BW, SEM-BCS

2008 : FI General ledger, FI Assets, overview Workflow, MM Purchasing, SAP BW.

2005-2006 : Sap training :BC400, BC405, BC470, FI /CO, AA, FM, Overview BW, webdynpro, ISU:Master Data.

02/2005 : training: JAVA

2001-2004 : Graduate of informatics option network and telecommunications In High school of Brussels (ESI).

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