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Nom du prestataire : pillows-factory

Date de mise à jour : 27/09/2018

Description de la référence portfolio : Let there be no doubt: Dan Gagnon, the hyperactive stand-up comedian / television and radio host / artistic director at Kings Of Comedy / social media buzz expert (pick your favorite) "has balls". Even better, the man knows how to turn his dreams - however crazy - into reality. His last endeavour: seducing the Brussels crowds with his own one-man-show. In a break with tradition, Dan Gagnon decided to use his own funds to rent the Cirque Royal. Filling up the theatre felt however too small a challenge for the Quebecker, so he aimed higher. He decided to sell his tickets for only 10 euros and vowed to sell 2000 of them in less than 50 days. How's that for a challenge? OUR CONTRIBUTION When we heard about the devilish plan Dan was hatching for his Brussels takeover, we decided Pillows Factory could not just watch from the sidelines. We took our phone and summoned him to our secret headquarters. Our proposal? To create promotional postcards no one would fail to notice. So, after a totally insane brainstorming session (to give you an idea, our most conventional proposal involved a half-crazed moose and an evil banker), we settled for a (very) minimalist design: a totally white postcard, with a handwritten message on the back. What did it say? «Pour faire les places de mon spectacle, à 10€, le 7 mai au Cirque Royal, j’ai dû économiser partout. Même sur la pub. D’ailleurs, je vends: Vélo, Pc portable, lecteur VHS + 2 cassettes, mon rein droit, etc. Si intéressé, contactez moi sur www.2000places.be Dan Gagnon» In order to make this "I'm totally broke" pitch more realistic, we redesigned the three logos featured on the postcards to give them a hand-drawn look. The result: postcards that looked as if Dan Gagnon himself had spent a few hours drawing them all in his basement in a desperate cost-cutting effort, which was perfectly in line with the handwritten statement on the postcards. Our vision: to go for a provocative idea, thus avoiding the pitfall of a "classic" postcard that would not stand out. What has a better appeal to the layman than a totally white postcard in the middle of several boringly classic ones?

Evaluation : 3/5 (1 évaluation(s))

Type : plaquette commerciale

Thème : communication 

Durée indicative : 48 heur

URL : http://www.pillows-factory.com/work/2000-seats-for-dan-gagnon/

Image :

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