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What does this have to do with meeting women?

There are many techniques out there that allow you to go from 0-60 with women in record time. For example, using word-for-word routines will allow you to get quick success.

I have recommended a routine-based approach to help get you out into the real world to start meeting women and get some early success. There is nothing wrong with this, as it will give you a confidence boost, and make you a believer that this is possible, and this stuff does work.

The problem comes if you come to rely on these methods, rather than focusing on core improvement of yourself as a man.

I have known people who have resorted to only using routines because they feel their life isn’t interesting enough to talk about. Deep down, they feel as though they are cheating themselves because they are using things that are not congruent with their self-image.

Another problem comes from telling stories that are not based on your life. You might read a great story on the Internet that you think would help you meet women. So you go out and tell this story and you have great success. Sounds great.

Suddenly though you start to feel bad because you feel like you are misleading women and being dishonest. Suddenly you question yourself and what you have done. The quick rise to being good with women was great at first, but now you feel terrible about how you have gone about it.

Kinda like the ‘Paradise Syndrome’ – suddenly you start to feel unworthy and therefore the tendency arises to sabotage your success with women.

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What is ‘Paradise Syndrome’

It is something that can affect celebrities that have a quick rise to fame. One minute they are like everyone else then suddenly, boom, they are on every-one’s TV and on magazine covers in supermarkets. Though this may sound good, a limited self-image can actually bring them down just as fast as they rose.

Due to this limited self-image many celebrities suffer from self-destructive behavior bought on by feelings of unworthiness. Look at the alcoholism, the drug use, the abusive behavior many famous people engage in. These are all symptoms of trying to self-medicate this feeling of lack of self-worth.


Although this is something that is usually associated with celebrities the principal can be applied to having sudden and significant success meeting and attracting women online, or any area of life.

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