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Nickname : maximebodereau
Date inscription : 12/02/2020
Dernière fois en ligne : 20/05/2020
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Logo, Site Web, Application Mobile, Ux, Ui, Js, Html, Css 


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Liberation(Ux), Traveldoo(UX Ui, App Mobile), Wolters Kluwer(Ux Ui, Web App) , 4D( Ux ui Desktop App), INRO(Ux Ui Js App), La Presse(Ux Ui, Machine Learning), BNPP Paribas

I am currently an UX - UI designer with BNPP in Montréal, a position I have held since August 2017. A year before, worked for INRO, an urbanist software company. I have solid experience in the Ux | Ui domain and in the Agile Method. I previously worked as Art Director for the French newspaper Liberation and as Product Designer for Traveldoo Services in the field of travel, and finally as UX designer with the 4D society, which creates and develops web applications. Throughout this work experience, I was the artistic designer for many creative interfaces, in charge of linking design, development and marketing, and of giving solutions arising from the Ux data and adapted to user needs. For each project, I also branded Graphical Identity, including icon packs, animated transition between elements, and color palettes. Curious, autonomous, reactive, I master visual technics and tools and have acquired thorough user experience search & analytic knowledge. My passion for animated transition and video games has encouraged me to participate in several freelance artistic projects such as the creation of indie games, like a mind training iOs game, and lead me to discover Nodejs & Angular technology through gaming creation. In an endeavour to find a new creative and innovative way, I would consider myself fortunate if I were to offer my professionalism, my artistic sensibility and my enthusiasm, to a dynamic firm like yours, the achievements of which I greatly admire.

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