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Nickname : jessierosee95
Date inscription : 05/04/2021
Dernière fois en ligne : 05/04/2021
Classement : classé 4 646ème sur 52 767 prestataires classés

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I'm a professional writer having expertise in:


  • Assignment writing 
  • thesis reports
  • E-book writing
  • bogs
  • Articles


Expérience professionnelle
Ive been writing for the past 5 years and I have worked with many corporate comapnies. I have worked as a freelancer and wrote many blogs and articles. Recently worked with a well-known writer and collaborated with him on a project. Currently working with Assignmenthelp24 / 7, They provide  professional assignment help allacross the Melbourne .

Jessie has completed the following degrees:


  • Bachelor's in Media science (2012)
  • Master's in Business and Marketing (2014)
  • Certifications in Content writing

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